Community Groups

At Calvary Canyon Hills we’re heavily influenced by the very first church, which was in Jerusalem. The Pastors of that church were the same men who followed Jesus for 3 1/2 years.

In Acts 2:46 it says of that church, “Day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts.

When it came to gathering together as a church they prioritized 2 things:

  1. They gathered corporately on Sunday mornings as a large group.
  2. They split up into smaller groups and gathered together in the mid-week.

Both the large Sunday gathering and the smaller mid-week gathering were both equally prioritized! That church was simply doing what Jesus modeled for them to do. Therefore, we believe it’s important for believers to gather in smaller groups in order to connect with other like-minded Christians.

Our Groups are small gatherings that usually meet in homes for the purpose of community, friendship, edification and Bible study. Each group is led by someone who serves as the spiritual leader to the group members. A typical home group fulfills Acts 2:42, with the first hour consisting of food & fellowship, and the second hour consisting of study & prayer.

Feel free to call and connect with any of our leaders or hosts!


West Canyon Hills Community Group, 6:30pm

Kids Welcome!
Angus Yglesias, Teacher, 951.691.0296
Hosted by Greg & Heather Steele, 34283 Canyon Rim Dr, Lake Elsinore - 949.632.8627

South Lake Elsinore Community Group, 7pm

No Kids
Kent Mount, Teacher, 951.805.4152
Hosted by David & Karen Walsten, 32415 Oak Knoll Lane, Lake Elsinore - 951.609.8092

East Canyon Lake Community Group 7pm

No Kids
Joe Petty, Teacher, 951.252.7735
Hosted by Jerry & Janelle Liem, 30346 Little Harbor Dr, Canyon Lake - 951.244.7336

West Canyon Lake Community Group, 6:30pm

Kids Welcome!
Christian Neilsen, Teacher, 951.403.5700
Hosted by Daniel & Jessica Thomas 22634 Cascade Dr, Canyon Lake - 619.665.3539

West Menifee Community Group, 7pm

Kids Welcome!
Tommy Marquardt, Teacher, 951.775.7388
Hosted by Tommy Marquardt, 28881 Galaxy Way, Menifee - 951.775.7388

East Menifee Community Group, 7pm

No Kids
Paul Novotny, Teacher, 951.775.7642
Hosted by Paul & Laura Novotny 25801 Middlebury Way Menifee - 951.775.7642

North Lake Elsinore Community Group, 7pm

No Kids
Paul Rice, Teacher, 951.235.2425
Hosted by Nelson & Lisa Shipley, 29105 Tradewinds, Lake Elsinore - 951.314.6240

East Canyon Hills Community Group, 6:30pm

Kids Welcome!
Chris Tyrrell, Teacher, 951.662.8965
Hosted by Tom & Jennie Crunk, 31417 Melvin St, Menifee - 951.795.0246

East Lake Elsinore Community Group 6:00pm

Kids Welcome!
Benjamin Clary, Teacher, 661.839.8259
Hosted by Kelly & Leah McGowan, 53000 Astrid Way, Lake Elsinore - 541.231.2411


Single Purpose Women's Fellowship, 6pm

Suzanne Grothman, Teacher, 714.319.3228
Hosted by Kim Davis, 29183 Sequoia Springs Dr, Menifee - 951.347.0431

Young Adults, 6:30pm

Josh Somerville, Teacher, 949.344.0364
Held at the Church Office, 29989 Canyon Hills Rd #1701, Lake Elsinore


Men's Bible Study, 8am

Kevin King, Teacher, 760-519-4656
Held at the Church Office, 29989 Canyon Hills Rd #1701, Lake Elsinore