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What is a young adult?

You may be asking yourself what is a young adult and am I one? Good questions!
A young adult is someone in the college and career age who like most of us doesn't have this thing called life all figured out yet and is seeking through the study of God's word and the fellowship of others, insight on how to do life. The Bible tells us to spend time with other believers and in the book of Proverbs that as iron sharpens iron, so one sharpens another and a young adult is someone who is seeking to be sharpened and who believes that God wants us to grow and is never finished with the work He is doing in our lives.

Now you might be thinking " I'm around that age but I'm not in college and I don't have a career, am I still a young adult? Yes yes you are

About us

The Bible tells us that we are a work in progress and that God is seeking to constantly mold and grow us into something that closer resembles His son Jesus Christ and we are a group that whole heartily believes this. We are an unfinished, constantly growing, imperfect group of young people who want to see God work in us individually and collectively because we also know that Jesus himself prayed in John chapter 17 for His body to be united as He and His father are united and this is something we seek to implement through the study of his word and through just spending time with each other. We also believe that we are all individuals who have different personalities and as 1 corinthians 13 says that we all have different gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit and those gift are for the edifying of His body, so we don't want or expect everyone to look, talk, dress or be the same.

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